Welcome to the Metaverse, WordPress!

The Three Object Viewer plugin is a drag and drop way to publish virtual worlds or 3D content using your WordPress site.
This plugin supports AR VR and 2D in a browser window. A post is a place!

WebXR for every site!

Your website can truly become a virtual world when your visitors click the "Enter in VR" button. When a user enters the scene they will have the ability to teleport throughout the environment. More exciting VR features to come!

Implements Open Metaverse Interoperability (OMI) Extensions

This plugin supports the three-omi package built by contributors of the Open Metaverse Interoperability group. As new extensions are added this plugin will be updated to support those features. Some potential components in the future include physics and collision events.

Currently Supported Three OMI Extensions

KHR_Audio (formerly OMI_Audio) - Play both spatial and global audio in your scenes by creating a scene here in the build.xpportal.io Spoke editor. From there you can export a glb file that supports the Three OMI Audio Emitter Extension. (Demo)

OMI_Collider - Use the Third Room Unity Exporter to define which meshes in your scene should be walkable.

OMI_Link - Use the Third Room Unity Exporter to define portals that allow visitors to traverse further into your site or out to other worlds.