1.3.5 released with support for GPT-4

We're excited to announce that 3OV has had a few recent releases that have improved the overall performance and expanded the NPC features. In 1.3.4 we added compatibility with the WordPress Site Editor preparing 3OV for the future of WordPress. Additionally we're excited to announce that version 1.3.5 is also released with added support for GPT-4 in the NPC block.

If you have been granted access to the GPT-4 models you can now use our public worker to handle the requests. Simply edit your 3OV settings and add https://alchemy-gpt-4.sxp.digital as your AI url. Be sure that you are using an account that has gpt-4 access. If you do not have access you can always use our regular gpt-3 worker: https://alchemy.sxp.digital

If you are the DIY type and would like to self-host your gpt-4 endpoint, we're happy to report that we have also open sourced the very same worker that we are providing in our endpoint. Here's the Github Repo for GPT-4 Worker: https://github.com/xpportal/alchemy-worker-gpt4
In the coming releases we have big changes that might be more impacting so do expect a bit of time before networking, third person player controller, and mobile controls are released. I am very close to stable!