Recommended Avatars

The below resources are some avatars that we really enjoy. They are great options to consider for your 3OV site.

A banner for VRoid that has a character cretor and the words "3D Character Creation Software VRoid Studio 3D Modeling, for Everyone!

VRoid Studio

VRoid is a program that allows you to create and customize 3D virtual avatars easily. These avatars are able to export in the VRM format, making them ideal for 3OV avatars and NPCs.

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VRM Add-on for Blender

Crucial for building an avatar from scratch this Blender add-on has helpful tools for creating armatures and exporting VRM compatible avatars.

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VIPE Heroes

Cross-platform and CC0, Vipe are a colorful and diverse catalog of VRM compatible avatars. Being CC0 these are awesome options for your site!

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His name is Phetta. He's a purple rat that lives in the Phettaverse and has lots of colorful friends. They're all VRM and compatible!

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Boomboxheads are CC0 avatars that are generated by NFT mint. They are VRM and free to use in your websites.

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Boom Tools

Open Source tool that can batch randomize layers in Unity using weighted randomization. It can export VRMs using uniVRM, as well as a posed GLB.

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