Version 1.5.1 - Avatars and Sound

3OV has had some big updates in recent weeks and it's finally in a stable state where I can take a step back and highlight what's new. Let's start with the obvious, AVATARS!

1. 3OV Avatar System:

Say hello to the brand-new Avatar System! This new feature currently allows a single configurable default avatar for visitors of your site. The new system is a first step and will have much more dynamic avatar configurations for logged in users in the future. The avatar system is compatible with most VRM format avatars. One hidden gem in this update is the ability to use your Gravatar as part of your avatar. Rename a mesh in your avatar to "profile" and when you load into a post, it will replace the defined mesh with the current logged in user's Gravatar profile picture. See the recommended avatars page for some resources.

2. Enhanced Player Controller in Third Person

Navigating through virtual worlds with 3OV is getting more seamless! The updated Player Controller delivers an immersive and user-friendly movement experience with newly added mobile controls.

3. Audio Block and Video Block Enhancements: Sound for Your Worlds

To further enhance the richness of your virtual world, 1.5.0 adds the Audio Block. With the Audio Block, you can now immerse yourself in a soundscape that either plays globally or is positioned within the scene. The Video Block has been improved to play audio in relation to the video's plane or mesh location, providing more engaging multimedia experiences.

4. Other Notable Improvements

In addition to the Avatar System and Player Controller enhancements, 3OV made some other improvements:

  • A saving indicator has been added to the admin settings page.
  • The 1st person controller has been temporarily removed, but don't worry – it'll be back in a future update.
  • A loading animation now appears when users click on "Load World," giving you a smoother transition into the virtual realm.
  • Video Block elements are now clickable, allowing you to play and pause them with just a click.